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8 Reasons You May Need VA Medical Malpractice Lawyer

8 Reasons You May Need VA Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical facilities are meant to be a safe haven for you and your loved ones, especially for veterans that are often ill and need regular medical care. However, for a long time now, many of these facilities have become a source of injuries both physical and emotional. Worse still, when such cases happen, most medics and institutions tend to either bury these incidents in medical bureaucracy or hurriedly but insufficiently compensate the aggrieved.

Thomas Valet, however, advises that you first consult a Veterans Affair medical malpractice lawyer before engaging the medical facilities legal representatives in settlements. Here are some of the reasons you need a medical malpractice attorney by your side:

1. Improperly Diagnosed

A Veterans Affair (VA) facility is charged with a responsibility to diagnose, treat, and administer drugs effectively. Should you or your loved one be wrongfully diagnosed or treated for the wrong disease, you have a right to sue for damages. In such a case, a VA medical malpractice lawyer will help you access justice for the wrongful misdiagnosis and its resulting complications. Note that even negligent delay in providing you with medical assistance at the VA healthcare facility should be compensated.

2. Wrongful Surgical Operations

There is a lot that can go wrong during surgery, from mild reckless acts like leaving a surgical object in a person's body to complicated ones such as an incorrect surgical procedure or operating on the wrong part of the body. VA doctors across the country have operated on the wrong part and even amputated the wrong body part either due to pure recklessness or misdiagnosis. Should any of this occur to you or a loved one in a VA facility, an experienced Veterans affairs medical malpractice lawyer must be immediately contacted to handle all of the upcoming engagements with the facility insurer's legal team.

3. Expound on Your Veteran Rights

How well do you understand your rights and entitlements with regards to access to medical care as a veteran? For instance, did you know that any harm to your person by any VA worker resulting in injuries requiring medical assistance is considered medical malpractice? By engaging a qualified and experienced VA medical malpractice lawyer, you can to learn the difference between the two legislations covering medical malpractice, which includes the Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA) and Section 1151 claim commonly known as VA for disability compensation.

4. Prove Negligence

In medical circles, negligence is a gross term used to refer to occasions where a professional ignorantly failed to exercise a duty of care to their patient, resulting in either physical or emotional injuries or both. The form of negligence varies in extent, and so does the compensation it warrants.

The level of negligence may be extreme, such that it results in death, or causes significant permanent or temporary physical injuries. In other cases, it may be trauma and brain damage that call for permanent damages. In either case, you will need an experienced veteran's affair medical malpractice lawyer to prove the negligence of the medical practitioner.

5. Investigate the Case

Having handled numerous medical malpractice litigations involving veterans, Thomas Valet understands that you will not always agree with the facility and its insurers during the out-of-court settlement. In some instances, your lawyer will be forced to file a case with a federal court in an attempt to access justice and warranted compensation. Unlike boardroom settlement negotiations when both parties acknowledge the wrongdoing by the facility, your VA medical malpractice lawyer has to investigate the case to support his demands.

6. Negotiate for Compensation

A federal court will never award you more compensation that your initial claim? Therefore, you need to be quite clear and accurate in calculating your compensation demands. The fact that most of your expenses won't have receipts means that you need an experienced medical malpractice lawyer that can present a convincing argument about their authenticity as well as convince any all other unquantifiable costs cited in the compensation such as emotional distress.

7. Help with Advanced Medical Treatments

Not even compensation can help alleviate both the physical and psychological injuries from medical negligence. How then do you continue? Do you use the settlement to access medical help elsewhere or is the advanced treatment of the injuries included in the compensation deal? Your veterans affairs medical malpractice lawyer should help negotiate for advanced correctional treatment in the same facility as part of the compensation or advise you with help pushing for your transfer to a better facility.

8. In Case of a Veteran's Death

If you suspect foul play in the demise of a loved one at a VA facility, contact a veterans affairs medical malpractice lawyer to help you find the necessary resources required in probing the situation. Ensure that you give them the right to proceed with the negotiations and even to initiate a court process in search of justice and fair compensation.

If you think your medical rights or those of your loved ones were violated in a VA hospital or outpatient center, engage a medical malpractice lawyer. Plus remember that you only have a two-year grace period before you are considered to have forfeited your compensatory rights.

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8 Reasons You May Need An Auto Accident Lawyer

The United States records some of the highest cases of car accidents in comparison to other developed countries. With an average 90 crashes of varying fatalities occurring every day, you aren't quite safe on the American roads, in and out of the car. So, what happens when another driver T-bones your vehicle at an intersection or runs over your loved one at a pedestrian crossing?

When such misfortune befalls you, seek sound advice and legal representation from an experienced auto accident lawyer. Avoid approaching an insurance company and demanding compensation. Here are eight reasons you need an accident attorney.

1. The Insurer May Try to Take Advantage of Your Damages

Most insurance companies are in the business of minimizing liabilities. They, therefore, tend to explore every available option for them to take advantage of your situation. In most cases, they will promise to reimburse your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and rentals, but not be willing to sign the necessary paperwork. With no proof of the promises, you have little grounds to hold them accountable. An experienced car accident attorney can help you get all the rewards and damages you are entitled to.

2. Get Fair Compensation

When the at-fault party's insurance company seeks to settle, they only consider quantifiable costs such as medical bills and repair costs for your car. You need legal representation to force them into admitting other unquantifiable loses that also need compensation, such as loss of opportunities at the time of injury and recovery.

An auto accident lawyer helps you push for maximum compensation. The lawyer also comes in handy in exerting some pressure on your health insurer, especially if they are reluctant to cover your costs after you are compensated by the at-fault insurer.

3. When to Settle and When to Fight

In most cases, an insurance company is likely to offer you a generous compensation figure above your cost of medical bills and vehicle repair. While you may be tempted to take the offer, especially if surpasses your expectations, an experienced car accident attorney may advise you otherwise. Having handled numerous such cases, a lawyer can tell a good compensation deal when they see one. They are thus best suited in first evaluating compensation and advising on whether to settle or sue for more damages.

4. Peace of Mind

After an accident, you should only focus your attention on your speed of recovery, especially if it leaves you bedridden. The law is blind and expects you to fill some paperwork and file within the stipulated time. You also need to gather material evidence to support your claims as well as get in touch with witnesses. The right car accident attorney will handle all this for you with experience and expertise.

5. Advice on Suing, Claims, and Entitlements

If you were to sue for damages, what would be the base of your claims and how would you go about proving your offender's liability? Additionally, how do you quantify and support your damages claim and other entitlements? Such legal subjects are quite complicated for a layman to support and defend in a court of law successfully.

6. Lessen Accident Liability

The at-fault insurance lawyers will try to get over every detail of your car in order to shift liability and deny all or part of your claims. For instance, they may claim your tail lights were off or faded at the time of the accident. An accident attorney that's attentive to details may help you overcome this by probing and proving the negligence of the other driver, such as being on a call or under the influence.

7. You May Need Future Medical Care

Though you survived an accident, you may continue to experience its impacts long after discharge from the hospital. In other cases, you may need regular medication as well as future surgical operations. However, most insurance companies are only willing to cover medical expenses incurred during the hospitalization period and by the time of settlement. A reputable Auto Accident Lawyer can help force the insurer's hand into covering your future medical care.

8. Do You Have A Case?

Don't just shrug off the idea of hiring an attorney due to lack of attorney fees. Most lawyers that handle car accidents are willing to wait and take a share of the compensation. You, therefore, have nothing to lose if your case doesn't materialize. Additionally, given that the accident lawyer only takes a portion of the damages, mostly between 30 to 40 percent, he will be more aggressive in pushing maximum compensation.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right car accident lawyer can be one of the most important decisions you will make. They will advise you in your best interest and ensure you are appropriately compensated for your immediate and long-term damages. At the very least, make sure that you run every detail of your case and dealings with the at-fault insurance company by your attorney before committing to anything.

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Thomas P. Valet is a Top 100 rated NYC Lawyer who specializes in all areas of product liability, malpractice, and personal injury. Learn more by visiting his website at:

The information on this blog is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. The hiring of any lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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8 Reasons You May Need a Product Liability Lawyer

8 Reasons You May Need a Product Liability Lawyer

Consumer products provide satisfaction and value in everyday life. But these products can be faulty and cause harm to the public. Product flaws may cause consumers to suffer due to loss of livelihood, health or even life. It is therefore essential as a consumer to know when you might need to consult a product liability lawyer to file a claim. They include:

1. Faulty Product Design

In specific instances, the design of a product can be the cause of injury. The overall design of the product is what you might be suing against, meaning that all items manufactured under that design are faulty. A claim against a defective design does not cast doubt on the process used to produce it. It disputes the safety of the product design itself.

For example, if a particular brand of paint fails to color the surface as advertised is defectively designed. The problem isn't in the process used to make it but the actual product design. You will need to prove that the damage caused was due to the flawed design of the product and not your fault. Engage an experienced product liability attorney to assess this before deciding to file a claim.

2. When a Manufacturer Fails to Adequately Instruct Consumers

It is incumbent upon a manufacturer to warn consumers on how to use a product. A manufacturer needs to adequately educate those who buy their products on how to use them safely.

These instructions ought to be clear and easy to understand. Instructions alone aren't enough. They need to be prominently placed for easy notification, and the wording should be sufficiently done as well. A good example is the necessity of pharmaceutical manufacturers to clearly and adequately provide instructions on how to safely use medication.

3. When there is a Manufacturing Failure

Product liability can crop up when an item fails to function due to mistakes in the manufacturing process. Unlike the design defect claims, this concerns a particular product batch from a specific factory/manufacturing location. A manufacturing liability claim, therefore, implies that a safely designed product has failed to function due to a breakdown in the process used to make it.

For example, a tire manufacturer may experience a failure in quality control on one production line. As a result, tires that have significantly weaker threading enter the market and increase the risk of vehicle accidents. In this case, tires are by accepted standards safely designed products. But due to a particular problem at a specific production facility the consumer is exposed to more risk. To successfully file a claim, you must prove that the injury was as a direct result of the product's manufacturing flaw.

4. If there is No Clear Warning Given to Consumers

A manufacturer is legally bound to provide clear warning concerning risks that might be associated with using a product. A no warning claim seeks to make the case that a product was dangerous in a way that wasn't obvious to the general public. It can also attempt to demonstrate that the consumer wasn't adequately warned of specific steps they are required to make to use the product safely.

5. When a Product Fails to Meet its Warranty

A manufactured product comes with a warranty which can be expressly stated or implied. When the warranty of such a product fails to hold up as expected, it is possible to file a product liability claim. For example, if a manufacturer of bullet-proof jackets brings his product to market, the implied warranty is that anyone who wears the jacket will not be harmed by bullets.

If for example, a police officer uses the jacket and when shot realizes that the jacket did not offer any bullet-proof protection, then there is a breach of warranty.

6. In Case of Misrepresentation

A case for product liability arises when a manufacturer promotes a product to the consumer that generates a sense of security that isn't true concerning it. Such a manufacturer is by law expected to espouse the actual attributes of their product.

7. In Case of Negligence

A manufacturer is expected to carry out reasonable care in producing an item. If a risk in using a product is uncovered by the manufacturer, but they fail to make it known, a consumer who gets injured due to this can file a negligence claim. For example, Thomas Valet, a product liability lawyer, led a negligence suit against an over-the-counter drug whose maker had known of a problem concerning it for many years but kept hiding the risk.

8. In Case of Strict Liability

The law holds any seller, distributor or manufacturer of a faulty product responsible for damage caused by it to an individual.

Consumer products make lives much easier but also expose them to potential risks due to product flaws. You need to know when you should file a claim against a manufacturer for damage caused by a product.

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Thomas P. Valet is a Top 100 rated NYC Lawyer who specializes in all areas of product liability, malpractice, and personal injury. Learn more by visiting his website at:

The information on this blog is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. The hiring of any lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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When You Need A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When You Need A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Reports show that more than 90,000 Americans are affected by medical errors annually, some of which even result in death. Although the number of medical malpractice claims is high, not every unfavorable medical outcome is a case of malpractice. In fact, to prove medical malpractice, the plaintiff must prove that their damages are indeed a result of an error on the medical practitioner's behalf and not simply a complication or risk of treatment or procedure.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be some of the most costly and challenging to prove in the court of law. Due to the particular challenges common to these cases, and determining whether your damage is a result of medical malpractice, it is essential you seek the counsel of an experienced and highly rated medical malpractice attorney.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when someone is injured by a medical professional who neglects to provide reasonable care. To be awarded medical malpractice compensation, the plaintiff must prove a physician-patient relationship existed, the physician was negligent, the physician's failure to provide reasonable care caused the injury, and the injury led to the said injuries.

There are various ways to prove medical malpractice, all of which are based on whether or not the doctor applied the proper standard of care. The following common examples of medical malpractice will help you determine if you need a medical malpractice lawyer:

Failure to Diagnose

Medical malpractice has occurred when you feel that your physician failed to diagnose your condition and it lead to the worsening of your condition. This can occur when your doctor did not recognize your illness or condition, making an improper diagnose and treatment plan. Medical malpractice happens when these decisions prove to be detrimental to your health.

Failure to Inform a Patient of Possible Risks

The exact definition of informed consent varies from state to state; however, it typically means that a medical practitioner must notify their patient of the risks, benefits, and if there are any alternative options involved in any medical, surgical, or other procedure. Additionally, they must get the patient's written consent to begin the course of action.

In many cases, the failure to get written consent from the patient before providing treatment or procedure is a type of medical negligence and may even provide proper cause for a lawsuit.

Improper Treatment

It is your medical provider's obligation to provide care in the same manner that any other skilled medical provider in his or her position would.

If you feel that you have suffered damages due to inadequate treatment by your physician, or your medical case was handled differently than another doctor would have handled it, then you may have a medical malpractice claim. Similarly, if your doctor decides on the appropriate treatment but administers it incompetently, you could have a medical malpractice claim.

Improperly Prescribed Medications or Medical Devices

In some cases, a physician can ignore a manufacturer's instructions or incorrectly prescribes a medication or amount, which results in harm to the patient, in which case the medical professional could be held legally responsible.

In these cases, the prescribing doctor is responsible, due to her or his level of knowledge, in addition to the fact that she or he has been given sufficient information from the manufacturer and he or her in the best position to determine whether a particular medical device or medication is suitable for a patient; therefore, the doctor has the primary obligation of counseling the patient of the potential side effects and risks involved with a medical device or medication she or he prescribes.

Sometimes a pharmaceutical manufacturer is responsible for a medication which causes a patient harm, but only if the manufacturer neglected to warn of possible damages or side effects of the medication.

The Best Qualifications for Finding a Lawyer
These are just some of the cases involving medical malpractice and ways to determine if you need an attorney. When selecting a Medical Malpractice Lawyer, it is important to choose an attorney who is highly experienced in the area of medical malpractice and who is well known and respected by lawyers and teams of lawyers as a tough lawyer to go up against to help ensure the best outcome for your case.

Also, a qualified attorney will enable you to schedule a free consultation to go over the details of your claim, including all applicable paperwork, and determine the best way to proceed with your case, and he or she will not charge a fee for your case unless your case or settlement is won.

In cases involving settlement, a qualified attorney will have a history of negotiations and can help determine how much your case is worth. Furthermore, they will be able to help you obtain a settlement amount that is greater than what the insurance company has presented, with little inconvenience and costs as possible, and will hold out however long it takes.

About the Author

Thomas Valet is a Lng Island and NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer at Valet Law. Tom has the necessary resources, experience, and track history to determine the nature and severity of your case as well as the degree of harm and the amount of damages, to help ensure your case gets handled the best way possible. Learn more by visiting of

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Do You Need A Legal Malpractice Lawyer?

Do You Need A Legal Malpractice Lawyer?

Sometimes you face issues in life that require an attorney's legal representation, so you hire an attorney in full faith that she or he will do the best of their ability to help you win your case. However, what do you do when your attorney fails to do their work, makes mistakes, or severely mishandles your case? You may consider hiring a legal malpractice lawyer to sue your attorney for legal malpractice.

Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney neglects to meet accepted standards of the legal profession, which causes a client to suffer monetary loss.

To win a legal malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove precisely what standard professional code of conduct the attorney breached in addition to demonstrating that if the standard had not been breached the plaintiff would not have suffered financially. To prove a legal malpractice case, it must meet the following criteria:

The plaintiff must demonstrate that an attorney-client relationship existed between the lawyer and the plaintiff, also there must be proof that there was a violation of the obligation to provide competent representation.

The plaintiff must also prove that this violation caused the plaintiff's injury, and as a result, the injury led to a financial loss on the plaintiff's behalf. The most common types of legal malpractice include:

Breach of Contract

You will be required to sign a contract upon hiring a lawyer. Once the contract is in play, if the lawyer neglects to do what the terms of the contract oblige her or him to do, then he or she has committed legal malpractice, in which case he or she will be held liable for damages.


Your attorney is obliged to handle your case just as any other competent attorney would under the same circumstances. If your attorney neglects to handle your case in a competent and sufficient manner, he or she may be at fault for legal malpractice. As a result, the attorney may be held legally responsible for damages.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Your attorney is legally required to act in your best interest. If your attorney neglects to act in your best interest and instead, acts in his or her best interest, and your case is negatively affected as a result, it is more than likely a case of legal malpractice based on a breach of fiduciary duty, in which case you can sue your attorney to recoup your loss.

There are various cases in which you may require a legal malpractice lawyer, some of the most common examples include:

The Attorney is Incompetent

If you have reason to believe that your case was thrown out as a result of your lawyer's incompetence or failure to do his or her job, then you may have just cause for a malpractice claim provided that you can prove that if your case was handled properly, you could have been rewarded a judgment. If you are successful in proving your case, your attorney is responsible for compensating whatever money you could have been rewarded had your case been handled competently.

The Attorney Fails to Communicate

When your attorney fails to communicate with you concerning the details of your case, it is not only frustrating, but it can cause you to seek another lawyer to represent you in the middle of the case, which can be difficult.

If your attorney neglects to communicate with you or return your phone calls for a long period of time, he or she may be guilty of abandoning you, which is a clear violation of the attorney's ethical duty.

If you believe that this is your case, it is always recommended that you voice your concerns to your attorney. If this still does not resolve the issue, then you may consider obtaining legal malpractice lawyers to obtain a second opinion and possibly suing the attorney for legal malpractice.

Your Attorney Settles Your Case Without Your Consent

By law, your attorney may not consent to settle your case without your approval. If your attorney has settled your case without your consent and you can prove that the settlement the attorney agreed upon was much less than what your case was worth, your attorney may be held liable for damages.

The Best Qualifications in Finding a Lawyer

Proving legal malpractice is a difficult task; therefore, you need a Legal Malpractice Attorney who is well practiced in this area to increase your chance of proving your case.
Also, a qualified attorney is well adept in negotiations and will fight to get you the settlement you deserve, and in most cases, as quickly as possible.

Lastly, a qualified attorney is confident in his or her ability to help you win your case; therefore, he or she will not typically charge a fee unless your settlement or case is won. Also, they will also allow you to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and advise you on the best way to proceed.


Thomas Valet is a Top 100 Rated malpractice lawyer with over 30 years experience and over $500 million dollars in settlements and awards. Learn more about legal malpractice by visiting his website.

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How To Determine If You Need A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

How To Determine If You Need A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

As a nursing home resident, just as any other citizen, you have a right to be treated with respect, receive proper medical care, be free from abuse and neglect, get proper privacy, and spend time with visitors, just to name a few. When these rights are neglected or abused by an employee of the nursing home or another resident, you may consider contacting a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer for immediate assistance.

Under federal law, a nursing home must protect and encourage the rights of each resident. When these rights are violated, the nursing home can be held responsible for the conduct of their employees in addition to other negligent behavior that may have lead to the abuse or permitted the abuse to happen.

Often, under staffing leads to nursing home abuse. In fact, studies show that at least 1/4 of nursing homes had a lack of qualified staffing that caused injury to residents or put them at risk for serious harm or death. Nursing home abuse can occur in various ways, including psychological or emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, and abandonment.

Psychological or Emotional Abuse - Psychological or emotional abuse takes place when a nursing home employee does something to create emotional or mental suffering on a nursing home resident.

Physical Abuse - Physical abuse occurs when threatened, or physical harm is caused to a nursing home resident, or there is a lack of basic essentials.

Sexual Abuse - Sexual abuse occurs when there is a sexual contact of any type without the nursing home resident's consent.

Financial Exploitation - Financial exploitation occurs when a nursing home employee unlawfully misuses, takes, or hides the property, money, or assets of a nursing home resident.

Neglect - Neglect occurs when a nursing home resident is deprived of the care and medication required by a nursing home. This failure to provide adequate care or medication can lead to sickness or death. Additionally, Self-neglect occurs when a nursing home resident displays conduct that threatens her or his safety or health and action to prevent the conduct is withheld.

Abandonment - Abandonment exists when a nursing home employee who has assumed responsibility for the proper care of a nursing home resident, abandons the resident. Some common warning signs of nursing home abuse include:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Heavy use of medication
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Frequent illness
  • Depression or low self-esteem
  • Mood swings, anxiety, or withdrawals
  • Unexplained or sudden death
  • Frequent emergency room treatment
  • Injuries sustained from wandering
  • Bruises or injuries sustained from use of restraints
  • Delays in notifying the doctor, family members, or another guardian of resident incidents
  • Caregiver reacts defensively to basic questions concerning the resident's care
  • and more
If you suspect that a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you have a legal a right to pursue a formal investigation and legal intervention by a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to protect the rights of your loved one.

When a loved one makes the transition from the cozy home environment to a nursing home, as a family member, you want to feel confident they will be handled with the care and respect they deserve. If a nursing home has failed to meet the standard of care it owes to each of its residents; it can be held responsible for any neglect, abuse, and other related injuries.

Some common examples of nursing home abuse claims that require contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer include:

  • Neglecting to provide sufficient security for residents
  • Neglecting to sufficiently train staff members
  • Negligent hiring of potentially hazardous or unqualified individuals
  • Failing to provide the necessary food, shelter, water, or medication for residents
  • Neglecting to properly oversee staff, enforce policies and rules against abuse, or to appropriately discipline staff members for violating policies
  • Allowing dangerous or hazardous conditions to exist in the nursing home, leading to injuries, including falls
  • and more
 Best Qualifications for a Nursing Home Lawyer

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem. If you or a loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of a nursing home, it is important to select a Nursing Home Attorney who has decades of experience handling nursing home abuse claims and will not charge a fee for your case unless your settlement or case is won. They will also provide a free consultation to go over the details of your case and advise you on the best way to continue.

Also, it is important to select an attorney who provides understanding and compassion in your time of need and who is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the abused as well as the family.

In the event of a settlement, a qualified attorney will fight to get you a greater amount than what the insurance company offers, and in many cases, as swiftly as possible. 

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Thomas P. Valet is a top 100 rated NYC Lawyer who specializes in all areas of malpractice, personal injury, and product liability. Learn more by visiting his website at:

The information on this blog is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. The hiring of any lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.